Diamond painting is a new craft hobby that offers a therapeutic way of creating beautiful paintings. It is a similar activity to cross stitch and painting by numbers. Though fairly new, diamond painting is becoming increasingly popular due to its addictive nature and ease of use.

In this article, we will cover everything that you need to know about diamond painting, what you can gain from it, and how to get started.

What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a method of creating a โ€˜paintingโ€™ by sticking colored, shiny resin pieces onto a pixelated image. The final piece is a sparkling diamond painting of whichever image you have chosen to work on.

Diamond painting is an addictive and simple activity that has been compared to cross-stitch. But luckily, is faster and can be completed in much less time! Whether youโ€™re a keen crafter, or just getting started with craft, give diamond painting a try. Itโ€™s been said that this method of โ€˜paintingโ€™ is more relaxing than any other craft - and whatโ€™s better than unwinding and creating at the same time?

The history of diamond painting

Diamond painting was created in 2015 as a faster and more therapeutic option than cross-stitch. It originated in China, and has quickly gained popularity around the world! Many compare it to creating mosaics, or painting-by-numbers - but itโ€™s easier and a lot less messy.

The original patent for diamond painting was that pieces were created by sticking resin diamonds onto felt. Though it was quickly noticed that a stickier surface was needed to keep the artwork from losing its diamonds - enter the modern day sticky canvas!

Everyone can do it

Diamond painting is loved by and created for children and adults alike! Where adults can benefit from stress-relief, children and teenagers can exercise their creative mind. This really is an activity that all of the family can enjoy.

Reduce stress and anxiety

The meditative element of working in this way can help us to focus our minds on the present. This calm and relaxing activity is therefore very effective at relieving stress and anxiety.

Trains your brain to focus

Diamond painting requires all of your attention - each resin piece must be placed with precision. For teenagers who are maybe finding it hard to focus on schoolwork, this could be a great extracurricular activity to help them train their brains.

Helps fine motor skills

Fine motor skills involve using smaller parts of the body such as the fingers and the eyes. Sorting, picking up, and placing diamonds on the canvas improves our fine motor skills.

Increases social circles

There are lots of social groups for people that enjoy or want to know more about diamond painting. Here you can share your tips, get advice, and maybe even meet new friends!

Encourages creativity

Though guided by the picture as to which diamond goes where, itโ€™s certain that diamond painting encourages creativity. The final piece alone is enough to inspire you to start creating something else!

How does diamond painting work?

The best thing about diamond painting is that itโ€™s incredibly easy. Here is how you go about creating a diamond painting from start to finish:

  • Begin by choosing an image that you like.
  • Each image has pixels that are labeled to correspond with a colored resin.
  • Put the resin pieces onto the sticky image using the applicator pen.

And youโ€™re finished! Itโ€™s that easy.

In your diamond painting kit you can expect all of the diamond painting tools that you need to get started:

  • A canvas of a pixelated image, covered in a layer of glue so that the diamonds stick to it.
  • All of the diamonds that you need in the various colors needed for the image.
  • A tray to separate the diamonds and make them easier to pick up with the applicator tool (or the diamond painting pen).
  • A diamond painting pen and glue or wax to put into the nib.

What are the different options for diamond painting?

There are various options for diamond painting - experiment with a few to find your favorite!

  • You can choose between square or round beads (also known as drills). Square beads make a more finished-looking painting.
  • All paintings come in various sizes - the bigger the more defined.
  • 5D or 3D diamonds are available - the difference is the number of facets on each gem (the more facets the greater the sparkle).
  • Partial diamond images or full drill images allow you to choose between only covering part of the canvas or all of it.
  • Custom diamond painting options are available - upload your image and have it sent to you ready for painting with diamonds!
  • Multi-panel kits are necessary for artworks that are too large for one canvas.
  • LED diamond painting kits include LED lights that are fixed behind the painting to light up the image.

Why should I try diamond painting?

As well as relieving stress, boosting creativity, and working on your fine motor skills, youโ€™ll be spending time on something really therapeutic and very easy.

Start now and soon enough youโ€™ll be filling your home with beautiful artwork made by you!

Tips for diamond painting

When you start diamond painting, youโ€™ll quickly start learning all of the tips and tricks to make diamond painting even easier and even more beautiful.

But just to give you a head-start, here are our best tips for diamond painting:

  • Store your diamonds in a storage tray to keep all that you have of one color in the same place.
  • Put some tape around the edge of the image before you start to keep it fuzz-free.
  • Work in a checkerboard fashion on large, one-color areas. This can help to make it less monotonous as well as keep your lines straight.
  • Before starting, slice gently through any air bubbles with a Stanley knife.
  • Use a light pad behind the image to make it easier to see each pixel without straining your eyes.
  • Use blue tac in the nib if you run out of wax.

With the largest online Diamond Painting Collection of over 1000 images, youโ€™re sure to find something that you love! Each of our diamond paintings comes with everything that you need to start your new project straight away.