Custom paint by numbers kit! 

Custom paint by numbers! The IDEA that seduces creative artists!

Friends of the Arts or amateurs, wishing to combine leisure and painting.. what if you let yourself be tempted by painting custom paint by numbers?

Who hasn’t dreamed of immortalizing important moments of your kids birth, a holiday with friends, family celebrations or simply a beautiful painting of their beloved pet?

Bring to life an extraordinary work of self-realization, that you will keep for decades and that you can proudly display at home or gift to your loved ones!

Custom painting is the Art of relaxing and creating a 100% personalized work, that will bring you serenity during its creation but also whenever you contemplate it. Life is a succession of steps, what will your life in a painting look like?

Choose your photo! It's up to you to decide !  

You don’t believe it yet? Here is how it works:

Following the many positive testimonials we received about our Figured'Art custom paint kits, we just had to write this article!

Painting a personalized painting has never been so easy thanks to our full-size painting kits that allow you to start without any stress or extra painting material to buy.

The principle is very simple: we create a custom kit for you from your photo and supply the corresponding paint pots and brushes. Therefore, EVERYTHING you will need is there, you can start your work and give free rein to your desires. Our team will send you a visual report to confirm and ensure full satisfaction before starting production.

Example of a custom painting following the custom numbered canvas

The Pop-Art Trend - You'll never imagine the possible results!

At Figured'Art, the online store specialized in paint by numbers, we are enthusiasts who always push for the innovation and personalization of Art to the fullest.

To follow up on your comments and requests, we have recently created a new and unique concept of custom paintings with Pop Art effect to give a grand effect to your custom paintings! Leisure and art creation go hand in hand!