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All about the diamond painting tools

Diamond Painting Tools: What You Need to Know


diamond painting tools

If you're a fan of diamond painting, you already know that choosing the right tools is crucial to achieving a perfect result. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, having the right accessories is essential for enjoying this creative activity to the fullest. Figured’Art offers all the materials you need to create your sparkling work of art, including adhesive canvas, diamond painting pen, wax, and much more.

Let's take a closer look at the most important diamond painting tools to get to make your artwork efficiently.




diamond painting pen


The diamond painting pen is the must-have accessory for effectively creating your masterpiece. It's the diamond painting tool you'll use the most, and for good reason! Precise and efficient, it's designed to make it easy to place diamonds on the canvas and to pick them up one by one without damaging them. This diamond painting tool also allows for better precision in diamond placement on the canvas, as the pen offers better control than the tweezer. The grip allows you to hold the pen more securely, so you can place the diamonds more easily and finish your project more quickly. This way, you can work more comfortably without getting tired.

How do you use it? It's easy! Simply press your diamond painting pen onto the wax square and pick up the diamond, then gently place it where you want it on the canvas. It's important to work with only one color of diamond at a time to avoid making mistakes in the pattern. Note that it's important to clean your diamond painting pen regularly to prevent wax from accumulating inside. Don't hesitate to clean the pen by soaking it in hot water and drying it completely before using it again. By using the diamond painting pen, you can easily create precise and detailed patterns and, with a little practice, even more complex and impressive projects.




diamond painting tool


The multiple tip is one of the very useful diamond painting tools. Included in your Figured’Art kit, it's designed to work on several areas of your canvas at the same time, allowing you to make faster progress on your project.

The multiple tip is used in the same way as the classic diamond painting pen, but it allows you to place multiple diamonds at the same time to cover a larger surface area of the canvas in a single motion. You'll therefore work more efficiently and finish your project more quickly. The multiple tip is very useful for working on larger, more detailed sections of your canvas. If you're working on an area with complex patterns or color gradients, the multiple tip will help you place the diamonds more quickly and accurately.

In addition to taking frequent breaks when working on a diamond painting, the multiple tip will also reduce pressure on your hands and fingers compared to the standard applicator, which will make you perform a repetitive motion for longer hours. This diamond painting tool will therefore allow you to work more comfortably, especially on larger surfaces.




The sorting tray is a very useful diamond painting tool to sort diamonds by color. It's a small plastic tray equipped with several compartments, each of which is intended for a specific color. This method allows you to easily organize your diamonds and not waste time looking for the right color.




diamond painting tool


Are you ready to take your diamond painting skills to the next level? Don't overlook the importance of the tweezers, a vital tool for sorting and preparing your diamond beads. The tweezers makes it easy to select and place your diamonds on your tray, ensuring they are ready to be picked up by your diamond painting pen. Plus, using the tweezers keeps your diamonds clean and free of dust and moisture that could affect their adhesion to the canvas and shine.

But that's not all the tweezers can do! It's also your secret weapon for fixing any mistakes that might occur during the application process. If a diamond is misplaced, the tweezers allows you to remove it with pinpoint accuracy and reposition it where it belongs.




diamond painting tool


And what about organization? That's where the storage box comes in! As any diamond painter knows, keeping those tiny beads in order is crucial to a successful project. With a storage box, you can easily sort and arrange your beads by color, making them easy to find and retrieve. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors when working on large-scale projects.

But wait, there's more! The storage box is also an excellent way to prevent the loss of beads. By keeping them securely stored in separate compartments, you'll never have to worry about them rolling off your workspace and disappearing into the void. And any leftover beads can be saved for future projects.

By using these essential accessories, you'll streamline your diamond painting process and create a stunning work of art with precision and care. You will find even more diamond painting tools on our website. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pen and storage box today and let your creativity shine!