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Issie, a special cat

When I first saw the surprised cat, I knew I needed to do it. It was like an actual photo of Issie. The completed project is a cherished product, so adorable.
i have done other diamond prints and will be doing more, I am hooked; it is a relaxing craft, takes up little space, perfect for small homes!

Nice painting

Was relaxing to paint this and that's the point right? Enjoyed painting it. Was not happy with the dress or shawl as painted but it was better after drybrushing a very thinned out white over it.

Wish I was there too

Relaxing to paint. That's the point right? Thought the colors were going to be awful, but I went ahead and after all the painting was done the colors worked out great! (the 'white' dress is made up of a lot of darker greys and browns)

Wish I was there

This was fun and relaxing to paint. Not too hard.

Wish I was there

Painting went well. Lots of long narrow lines and I took some liberties here and there. Fun and Relaxing, that is what I was after.

Love it!

Fun and easy. And satisfying. I love these kits!

Pink and White Flowers
Pamela Taylor

Beautiful picture and numbers easy to read. Really do enjoy painting it. Plan on getting more.

Haunted House
George Harmon
Good outcome

Lots of compliments

Bouquet of Sunflowers
Rebecca Kaemmerling
Love To Paint

I have ordered several paint by number kits from Figured Art and have been totally please with them all. I will be ordering more!

Diamond dotz

I have ordered 3 of these kits for my mother in law. They are beautiful and she just loves them.


Gave this to my daughter. Now she too has ordered from your company. Happy customers. Thank you.

Tropical beauties

Haven't started yet but I know I will love it. Very satisfied with your product.


Love your product. Only finished one so far. I had no proble.s from the time I ordered until my order arrived. Very happy with your company.

All the Birds
Rotraud Schaferling

It's wonderful really enjoying it the numbers a little hard reading in a few places maybe just a little more paint.I will be placing another order soon

Cat keep cool
Avis Lacey
Bohemian Cat

I am enjoying painting this Cat…although it is taking quite a lot of hours to complete!

Great painting

Start my own art collection

Have not started the Pictures, will be shortly. The parcel arrived safely and ready to go as dots are in small plastic bags, that is very helpful.
many thanks.

Gray street

I'm always very happy with your product and most of the time proud of the outcome. Not with this paininting. It is a first time that a finished work is so different from original photo. I don't recommend that picture.

Je suis très contente merci

Loved it. It painted fine

It turned out really great

Love diamond painting

Can't wait to start this one soon. First one I will be doing that is square

Dancer's Back
Janette Berringer
Dancers back

A very dear friend just painted her bedroom, so I painted this for her. She loves it!

Angel during Christmas
Janette Berringer
Christmas Angel

It’s just a beautiful picture and fun to paint! I love it ❤️


Everything was perfect! The product was just as described and was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!

Kiss in the Rain
Nadine Alves

Love the picture and the quality of canvas and paint!