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Customer Reviews- Figured'Art

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Rain at the Park
Jolanta Pas

Absolutely love it !
So relaxing and enjoyable

Horses Galloping
Tim Bauer
Mustang Falls

This is my 36th pbn and for some reason I decided to paint it by consecutive numbers. It took some time to come together and came out beautifully. It will be a fundraising effort for one of my favorite people. I may be doing this again.


Looks very similar to the stock photo, really enjoyed this one. The quality of everything was great! Highly recommend

Forest Animals
Dale copeland
Forrest animals

This was my best one yet, came out great, and I have done semveral

So satisfying!

What beautiful little colours!

Getting it done!

Loved the colours, added my own twiat


Loved the bright colours!


Loved the outline! With freedom to change!


Loved the colours! Incredible

Perched Squirrel
gilbert Grady
A new challenge!

This is the most intense canvas I’ve tried so far, and a lot of fun! I think I about half finished and can’t wait to see the completed work.

Turned out well

I’m not good at blending, but this one turned out ok anyway.

Mountain Lodge
Cathy Warren
Very nice

This one turned out well. It has better definition than some others.

I love it

It's my another favorite one

Love it

Makes me feel colored again

Good quality!!!

It’s really good and relaxing to do

Fairy tree
Laura Schulkins
Love it

Framed it and gave it to my granddaughter and everyone loved it. Never told them it was paint by number😏

The Cat’s Meow

The colors are vivid and the symbols are clear, making working on it easier! Can’t wait to get it finished!

Happy Street
Pamela Fontaine
I haven't started it yet

I painted Peppercricket Farm several years ago and have been looking for another Wysocki since then.

Santa wink

Loved doing this painting. My sister in law and I both did the same one. We changed ours up a little and added a little bling to him for the snowflakes and in his hat and in the clover. What a fun project.

Vase of flowers

Very calming to it.

Flowers of spring

Enjoyed doing this one....could almost smell the flowers.....and it has found a place to hang.

Black horse and lightning
Mary Ann Sylvester
Black Beauty

Was fun and now is done.....Niece has requested and will receive for her home.

In The Wave

I painted this for my friend and she really liked it a lot.

lady in red

absolutely beautiful, such a pleasure to work with

Diamond Painting - Wolf Portrait
Janet Halvorsonits junk!!!
Love it

Awsome wolf, it will take me a month or longer to finish it, but I can't wait til it's done , it's going to be amazing, ❤️❤️❤️