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We value our customer trust and that's why we want to stay transparent with our customer feedback. We hope that you can develop a new DIY passion with Paint by Numbers or Diamond Painting, following all these customer reviews.
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Great quality

Fast delivery and the quality is great, I will start today!

Looks great

Perfect and fast delivery

Very relaxing

This is a very enjoyable and relaxing activity. Time just passes by as colorful pictures are revealed!

Great scratching experience!

The art is turning out very pretty. My daughter and I worked are having a great time with this design

unexpected fast delivery

I was expecting slow delivery considering their workshop seems to be in Asia but finally everything arrived within 10 days.
The painting process is more difficult than I thought but still very relaxing! My wife and me are enjoying it a lot!

Kobe forever

Sadest news ever, broke my heat. Best player of all time, R.I.P.

First try and already love it!

I bought several and this one is my favorite! When you do a mistake you can just repaint on the same spot when it's dry to cover it, the final result will still be good! Love it!

My second painting and some tips

I was worried that the paints were not enough but they were, just remember to close them well each time you finish painting. When you feel it's a bit dry just simply put few drops of water inside. I think my painting looks pretty cool!

She loves it!

I bought this for my friend and she loves it! Seems so nice I will try one myself next time.

Mediterranean Village
A nice experience

Painting was never easier. I really enjoyed the time spending on filling the space with different colores, with some music and a cup of tea.

Better than I expected!

Took me some time but it was real fun painting! I'd say it came out great my cat Lily! CUUUTE!


very satisfied with the customized kit. Colors and light rendering are awesome. I strongly advise using good quality pictures! It makes the final result so much better I think

Souvenir of Kobe Bryant

You were not only my idol, but a guide for my life. You were the one that inspired me to never give up, to always jump higher, fight harder. The world suffers a great lost as you are gone. But you live in all our hearts. R.I.P.

I like my painting so much!

I am really glad that I picked this picture, the painting is so pretty!

It's quite convenient

It's quite convenient! Noice!

Works well

Overall very satisfied

Nice purchase

Waited for some time for this but it's totally worth it!

I love this dog

Very helpful

Just received yesteray and everything works perfectly. Highly recommend for diamond painting

beautiful and quick

i wanted something fun to do and loved the design. i was so engrossed in what i was doing, i finished it in a day! very happy with my purchase!

I love it very much

Kiki left us 4 months ago, this painting will help keeping her still around with us when I finish. I love it very much,

Thank you very much!

My daughter's favorite Disney character made into a painting just for her, that really made her happy. Thanks!

Great painting

Fast postage to Australia , doing Landscape is great to work on and just can't wait to finish this painting. 5 star rating

DIY is fun!

I like the final result, even though the colors were slightly lighter than I expected.

Love it!

came out great! Love it!