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Golden Peacock
Deidre Halley-Wright
Don’t buy from this company

Almost SEVEN weeks after my order, I have no updated tracking info except that my package is being prepared for shipment. In China.
Customer support undertook to provide me with an update 10 days ago, and despite two more enquiries from me, I have yet to receive a response.
Bottom line: buying from companies with Chinese suppliers is perhaps unavoidable. Bad customer service should not be.

Sadly Disappointing

Received the kit as a christmas present and when I opened the canvas it was just a lot of huge spaces and looked nowhere as detailed as the picture representing it. My 5yo grandson painted it and it took him about 2-3 hours and he was done. It looks like the card they sent and it looks like a kit for a basic beginner or child.

Amazing result

It was great fun and excitement to pain. Amazing to watch how the picture was coming to life with every colour

Creation of the most high

Really absolutely love this photo, would like to have a canvas to hang on my wall.

Beautiful picture

Wonderful result.
I’m addicted.

Wooden Arch
Helen K
Amazing result

I’m amazed by the result

Diamond Painting - Vases and Fruits
Daniela Elizabeth Arias Calvachi
Really enjoyable

This was my first time purchasing from this store. Its was a two month effort, really enjoyable.
Customer service is ok. I give 4 stars because some symbols printed in the pattern are wrong or colors dont match with the original picture. Some items loose shape and definition.

Woman with Birds
Robert Lafferty

I ordered the large painting, and I really enjoyed doing this subject. The colours are vibrant and very eye catching. Quite straightforward to do without too much detail

Van Gogh Starry Night
Robert Lafferty
An amazing painting

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this subject. It is very colourful , bright and quite stunning. I found it very easy to paint, I have also had it framed professionally and is hanging on our wall at home. This is painting number 35 which I have completed from Figured’Art

This is my first and led to doing many others

This is the first one I did and still a very favorite painting of the many I've done. It is so realistic. The cat has an attitude. People who see it also love it.

Bouquet of Sunflowers
Sirve Siniroht

Colours are a bit different from original, but in the end I enjoyed painting it and love the result

Linda Bence

I enjoyed doing this painting immensely! I never thought I could paint people so well. This painting never bored me, it always had a new life.


I recommend! very enjoyable to paint, paintbrushed, canvas, frame, paint amazing! Nothing to say!

Dog Painting
Very cute!

I am happy with the result


First painting finished I loved painting it, it is stunning. I was scared not to have enough paint but it was perfect. very satisfied!


just missing 1 or 2 thin paintbrushes

Paint by number lighthouse

My 4th paint by numbers. This model is quite easy to do. Good quality paint and very covering to make the numbers disappear. I am satisfied with the result

very good time spend painting during lockdown. Very happy with the result

Beautiful Paris Landscape
Alexio Eustacchio

Here are the changes on my stunning painting, hard to do but I love it

Nice result

Very nice beautiful colors I recommend

Stunning painting

I am very happy with the canvas, it is truly extraordinary! I have already done 2 canvas (portraits) from photo that I provided and it was very emjoyable and very amazing finish. So, I have ordered a third one to do my kid's portrait. Really I recommend

First artwork...nice finish

Superb canvas and nice finish

Quality canvas. Superb colors. A lot of details. Beautiful finish

Very happy

some of the paintings are not available in diamonds like the naked lady in the window, I would love to try it out in DP!


Satisfied with the result even if the painting doesn't match with the image on the website (no seagulls). The marks and numbers are a bit too dark on the yellows and you have to overlay a few times