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Update regarding deliveries during COVID-19

Dear Customers, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a huge spike of the demand for our paint by numbers and diamond paintings. All of us being locked down at home, there has been a very strong interest to enjoy DIY Art activities.

Our company has been severely impacted by the consequences of the COVID-19, and we would like to give you more precision and transparency regarding the situation.

All confirmed orders will be delivered.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your patience and we will never forget the support we received from a lot of you, especially our regular customers who allowed us to keep our spirits up and face this difficult situation.

Please be sure that we will improve a lot of our services in the next few months and always provide you with excellent quality products for your DIY Art activities.

Our Figured’Art team, has been working in a very difficult context since March, and has tried as best as possible to deal with the situation with several challenges:

1) Production

We have greatly increased our production capacities in order to ship your orders as fast as possible, while having very strict safety measures in place.

2) Customer Service

Receiving a very large number of questions and requests regarding your orders, our small team working from home tried to cope but we were simply not enough to reply as fast as we were used to..

We are aware that some of you had to wait much longer than usual to receive some answers. Our loyal customers know this, we normally reply fast and are always willing to give tips and suggestions on how to use our products.

This avalanche of emails was too large to allow our team to provide quick responses and respond to each of your requests. We really apologize for the inconvenience.

3) Logistics

This is certainly the most challenging part we have had to face so far: the spectacular increase in demand for our products has coincided with a sudden reduction of the air transport. Each country, while closing its borders, have seen a reduction of over 90% in air traffic and has caused massive logistical problems.

In order to give you more transparency, here is a summary of the different stages we go through for your orders:

a) We receive your orders in our system.

b) We produce and prepare your orders in our workshops.

c) We ship your orders to our logistics partners in charge of the international delivery and a tracking number is then created. At that time you receive a shipping confirmation from us along with the tracking number.

d) Our logistics partners expedite orders, which then go through different distribution centers, arrive at airports, then fly and arrive to your country.

e) Final delivery is then provided by our local partners (USPS for USA etc).

The drastic reduction in air flights has resulted in impressive traffic jams for our logistics partners. Working with thousands of other companies, millions of orders (including some of ours) were then in a queue, waiting for air departure.

The shipping companies being themselves overwhelmed and working in a complex environment with COVID-19 safety restrictions, significant delays occurred, especially in terms of tracking numbers’ update .Β 

This situation made the task of our Customer Service team very complicated, we very often had to contact our shipping partners to obtain precise information on a day-by-day basis on the location of some of your orders.

In addition, since airline companies had so many orders to fulfill and few planes available, they increased their usual delivery cost.

So we had to get a loan to pay all the fees and we decided to keep the delivery free for all of our customers for new orders above $40.

At the same time, we hired several private shipping companies to speed up parcel shipments as much as possible, some orders arriving in the USA have taken longer to be delivered, some distribution centers being closed.

Until the situation gets back to normal, we have reduced our range of paint by numbers and shipped stock to distribution centers which have established new direct lines in order to deliver quickly, generally within 2/3 weeks as before. This is the case for new orders.Β 

Our Figured’Art team thanks you for your patience and the confirmed orders will all be well delivered.

We will never forget your support in this hard time which still pushes us to surpass ourselves to give you innovative, high quality Art Products accessible to all.

Thanks for your understanding.

You can contact us by email atΒ