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Your custom paint by number photo

custom paint by numbers: How to choose the right photo for an optimal result?

To bring a real sentimental touch to your paint by numbers artwork, a great idea is to customize your paint by number canvas with a photo. Whether it's a person, an animal or a landscape, there are certain rules to follow to get the best results. Here are some tips to get a stunning custom paint by numbers canvas. 


custom paint by numbers




Personalised paint by numbers kit


To keep the visual quality high, choosing the right resolution for your photo is very important. When your paint by numbers artwork, customized with your photo, is viewed from near or far, the final result should be optimal. The higher the resolution of the photo, the better the colors will appear on the canvas. This increases the accuracy of the details to give your paint by numbers canvas a finish very close to that of handmade paintings.



Personalised paint by numbers kit


For a custom paint by numbers, you should ideally choose a photo with a uniform background. The advantage of this background is that the subject of your photo (your pet, a loved one or yourself, for example) is therefore very well emphasized. Also avoid displaying annoying visual elements at the edge of the canvas that could spoil the harmony and charm of your paint by numbers.




Personalised paint by numbers kit


The graphic design of your custom paint by numbers kit is free! To produce your paint by numbers canvas, the uploaded photo will be transposed by our graphic designer into isolated areas to highlight the colors and details of the image. For best results, it is best to avoid group photos, which usually have many small blocks of color. The presence of details such as hands, heads or objects will not allow you to make the most realistic paint by numbers artwork possible.

The ideal photo for your custom paint by numbers should have large areas of color that are well differentiated from each other. You also need to ensure that you have excellent sharpness in each of these areas of the photo for your custom canvas number painting kit, and remember, good brightness and contrast are also necessary to achieve the optimum exposure for a pleasing visual effect.

The photo you choose for your custom paint by numbers canvas should ideally be of professional quality. So don't hesitate to ask a photographer to capture the subject of your custom paint by numbers. At Figured'Art, we offer you a fine detail upgrade from 24 or 36 colors. However, if you choose a model with 36 colors, you will benefit from a more realistic painting by numbers.




You may decide to give the painting to a loved one as a birthday or Christmas present. It is also possible to decorate a wall by hanging your paint by numbers artwork. Depending on where it will be hung, you can choose the right size canvas with or without a wooden frame.

We offer various sizes of canvas for DIY paint by numbers: 40 × 50 cm, 50 × 65 cm, 60×75 cm, 70×90 cm, 80×100 cm or 80×120 cm and can be in portrait or landscape mode.

Did you choose the optimal photo for your custom paint by numbers? You can now order it on Figured'Art website! We will provide the highest quality materials and accessories for a completely successful painting experience.