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How to paint by numbers

The paintings are numbered in line with the numbering of the small paint pots. (For example, the color of pot number 5 should be applied in all areas of the canvas with number 5 on them).

Paint by numbers is not complicated, it allows you to paint beautiful art pieces following a step by step process.



Prepare a glass of water so you can easily clean your paint brushes. Clean the brush after you finish using a color. The use of a cloth should be necessary to dry the brush after cleaning it. Do not skip these crucial steps as they will allow you to obtain precise and brilliant colors for the creation of your paintings!


You can now paint your canvas starting with the color or area of your choice. There is no real order to follow. However, we recommend starting with the larger areas first, following with the middle areas, and ending with the smaller areas, going from top to bottom. Try to paint one color at a time, especially to avoid too much brush cleaning!

Fill up all the numbered areas one after the other. Allow one area to dry thoroughly before painting adjacent areas to avoid smudging.

Do not leave any blank spots between the areas, everything must be colored.

Take your time, and enjoy the moment, you are now an artist!

Do you still have doubts on how to paint by numbers? Want to see how it goes? You can refer to our other articles and check our Customer Feedback page to see how beautiful your paintings can become.