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The punch needle kit for beginners

Punch needle embroidery: the creative hobby to follow !

Punch needle embroidery is a versatile and fun technique that can be used to create a wide range of designs on various types of fabric. It is a quick and easy process to experiment with to create items for home such as cushions, or other fashionable accessories. The art has been reinvented in recent years and has become the perfect addictive activity for those who enjoy therapeutic creative hobbies.


punch needle kit

Punch needling is a form of needlework that is relatively quick and easy to learn and involves using a tool called "punch needle" to create a loopy or textured pattern on fabric. Punch needle patterns can range from simple outlines to more complex and detailed designs, and the finished result has a unique, three-dimensional texture that makes it different from traditional hand embroidery.

Punch needle embroidery is a great option for those who want to try their hand at needlework without having to spend a lot of time and effort mastering more traditional forms of embroidery. It's also a versatile art form that can be used to decorate a wide range of items.

Figured'Art offers many punch needle patterns to satisfy all your creative desires, whether you want to hang it on the wall of your room or to offer to one of your loved ones.


Figured’Art punch needle kit


Our punch needle kits include everything you need to start your new project: a 26x26cm linen canvas with the printed pattern, a punch needle tool, yarn, a punch needle frame and a needle threader.

Let’s dive into the details a bit more and explore each tool.


The most important one, without which it is impossible to create your embroidery: so, what is a punch needle tool?


punch needle embroidery


The punch needle itself is a handheld tool with a needle at one end and a handle at the other. It has a sharp end that is used to puncture the fabric and a hole in the opposite end that holds the yarn. As the needle is punched through the fabric, loops of yarn are created on the surface. The height of the loops can be adjusted by changing the size of the needle used or the tension of the yarn.

To use a punch needle tool, the fabric is stretched tightly over a frame or hoop and the yarn or thread is fed through the needle. It is then used to punch the yarn through the fabric, creating a series of loops on the underside of the fabric. These loops can be left as is, to create a plush, velvety texture, or they can be trimmed to create a more even surface.


The punch needle fabric

 punch needle canvas


Several types of fabrics can be used in punch needle embroidery. We prefer to use cotton canvas as it is easy to work with, especially for beginners, and produces a clean finish. Our punch needle fabric are available in 26x26cm format for a final realization that will be 20cm in diameter. The canvas is pre-printed with the design you have chosen, so all you have to do is follow the pattern and punch!


The needle punch frame or "embroidery hoop"


punch needle frame


The tension of the canvas is one of the fundamental elements to succeed in creating a punch needle piece. For that matter, we use a punch needle frame to secure the canvas and stretch it so it is easy to punch the needle.


punch needle frame


A punch needle frame is a circular hoop used in embroidery to stretch and hold fabric taut while working on a design. The frame consists of two rings, one inside the other, that are tightened around the fabric to keep it in place.

The inner ring has a smooth, rounded edge to prevent damage to the fabric. The outer ring is larger and has a tightening mechanism, such as a screw or clamp, to hold the inner ring in place and keep the fabric taut.

To use the punch needle frame, the fabric is placed over the inner ring and the outer ring is tightened around it. The hoop is then placed on a flat surface, with the design facing up, and the embroidery work is done on the taut fabric. This allows the embroiderer to easily see the design and work with precision.

Embroidery hoops are an essential tool for anyone who enjoys hand embroidery. They help to keep the fabric taut, which makes it easier to work on the design and ensures that the finished piece has a professional, even appearance.


The punch needle yarn


punch needle yarn


When you are a beginner at punch needling, it is not easy to choose the right type of yarn as it can affect the look, feel, and durability of the piece. In our punch needle kit, we provide wool yarns big enough to create a chunky but sleek finish. Also, beginning at this creative hobby can lead to small mistakes during the process, and it is perfectly normal! So we always make sure you have enough yarn to complete your piece. We provide 30% more as what you would usually need to prevent from small hassle that could come in your way. 

Let’s start your punch needle embroidery piece now and follow our guided method. Our article on Starting out in punch needle will help you create a stunning piece that you can hand on your wall or as part of a bigger sewing project!