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I recommend! very enjoyable to paint, paintbrushed, canvas, frame, paint amazing! Nothing to say!

Dog Painting
Very cute!

I am happy with the result


First painting finished I loved painting it, it is stunning. I was scared not to have enough paint but it was perfect. very satisfied!


just missing 1 or 2 thin paintbrushes

Paint by number lighthouse

My 4th paint by numbers. This model is quite easy to do. Good quality paint and very covering to make the numbers disappear. I am satisfied with the result

very good time spend painting during lockdown. Very happy with the result

Beautiful Paris Landscape
Alexio Eustacchio

Here are the changes on my stunning painting, hard to do but I love it

Nice result

Very nice beautiful colors I recommend

Stunning painting

I am very happy with the canvas, it is truly extraordinary! I have already done 2 canvas (portraits) from photo that I provided and it was very emjoyable and very amazing finish. So, I have ordered a third one to do my kid's portrait. Really I recommend

First artwork...nice finish

Superb canvas and nice finish

Quality canvas. Superb colors. A lot of details. Beautiful finish

Very happy

some of the paintings are not available in diamonds like the naked lady in the window, I would love to try it out in DP!


Satisfied with the result even if the painting doesn't match with the image on the website (no seagulls). The marks and numbers are a bit too dark on the yellows and you have to overlay a few times


The colors are a lot darker than on the photo and the painting is very green but it' beautiful!

Very nice result

It took me time to paint it but the result is great and the quality of the paint is perfect


I never get bored of it. I am doing my 5th...thanks to lockdown. Quick delivery, good quality


I am doing my 4th and still loving it

Very nice

I love it

Here is my 2nd artwork. I find it stunning


I am a bit disapointed with the result. I find it a bit half and half. However, the colors are very nice, quality paint and paintbrushes. It was still a pleasure to paint it

Japanese bridge

My third paint by numbers. The more complicated one even if it is classed as Medium. A lot of details and quite hard to see the numbers! But I am satisfied with the result after 60h of work. The colors don't match the image but the result is satisfying

Good result, great experience

Interesting finish. I would have liked for it to be more detailes, with more bright color and a bit neon colored like on the photo (a bit disappointed with the yellow) I have changed the finish a bit, especially around the green, I have add and removed some hair. very long to paint but quite happy with the final result

The finish is great

A new beginning after a break of a few years, I am happy with the amazing finish

G. C.

First try validated. Very enjoyable to do and relaxing activity with satisfying result. I will do it again. delivery times are a bit long